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The success and realized projects of every company reflects the increasing dynamics, professional standards and loftiness of this company. So, we, being The LLC "Business Law", share the significant events of short history of our activity: 

August, 2009 

Business Law" Company continues to render you the high-level services refreshing its web-site. 

August, 2009

"Business Law" Company started the joint corporation with the new partners "Motei and Associates" and "Professional Solutions" for enlarging the scale of rendered services and giving the new direction to them and rendering the professional legal services in any country of the world to its Clients. 

February 27, 2009

Signing the Contract for General Business Consulting Services between "Business Law" Company and "CNIM AZERBAICAN LTD" increased the success of our company. 

March 18, 2008 

The contract for Legal, Financial, Audit and Administrative Services was concluded with The Company " "SICHUAN MACHINERY&EQUIPMENT IMPORT&EXPORT Co.Ltd" that established according to the People`s Republic of China and which is General Contractor of new aluminum plant to be build in Azerbaijan on the basis of new technologies. Our Company continues to render its high-level services according to this Contract.

During, 2007-2008 

"Business Law" Company rendering the services to many well-known foreign companies and their representative offices in Azerbaijan have become the marketing guide and legal and financial consultant to many influential companies. These are well-known "Airbus" (France), "Anadolu" (Turkey), "Noble Resources" (Hong Kong), "Azerinshaatservice" Ltd, "3A" Ltd, "C.A.N. Marketing and Consulting" Ltd, "Sharaf Shipping Azerbaijan" Ltd, "Detal Holdings" and etc. 

DECEMBER 25, 2006 

Consulting Services Contract were concluded between "Business Law" LLC and The State Committee for the Management of State Property of the Azerbaijan Republic, Ernst&Young Holdings (CIS) B.V.. According to this Contract the brief summary of normative legal deeds about the main context of valid legislation in the filed of telecommunication of Azerbaijan Republic was compiled. The preparation and publication of the Book by name "The Legal Analysis of Legislation on The Telecommunication of Azerbaijan Republic" by "Business Law" Company was considered as the significant event. According to this Contract, the corporative management of the company for its existing period, working with the founders of company and types of special activity, the legally assessment of property, labor and court-juridical considerations as well as the analysis of general legal state of Azerbaijan-Turkey Joint Company "Azercell Telekom MMM" was instructed to "Business Law" Company. 

JANUARY 21, 2004

"Arjen Muhendislik Elektrik ve Enerji Sistemleri Senaye Taahhut ve Ticaret Ltd" which is one of the leading companies in the field of installation of electrical and power systems of Turkey applied to "Business Law" LLC and signed the Contract on Legal and Financial Consulting Services for 5 years.